Apply for Funding

Funding is currently available to proposals that meet the Fund's core objectives, charitable purposes, and current focus areas.

Our Funding Process

EOI Submission

All interested applicants must complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) prior to proceeding to an application. EOIs must be submitted online via the button below. Applicant must fulfill eligibility criteria and demonstrate alignment with our core objectives and purposes, and our current focus funding areas.

Preliminary Assessment

EOI submissions will be assessed and applicants will be notified by email as to whether the proposal will or won't progress to full application. The Environmental Officer may contact you to seek additional information to support the assessment process at this time.

Formal Application Submission

If your initiative is deemed to meet the Fund's scope, the Environmental Officer will advise you via email to submit a formal application for consideration by the Fund's board. Submission deadline and timing of consideration by the board will be informed at this stage.

Board Assessment

Your application for funding will be considered by the Fund's board. The Board meets four times a year and you will be notified of the decision within two weeks of the meeting.

Please note that an invitation to submit a formal application does not mean that your application will be funded. Final decision is at the discretion of the Fund's board.

Our Funding Focus Areas

Degradation of key biodiversity habitat

Improving policies on invasive species or broad-scale land-clearing; and mitigating threats on critical habitats

Unsustainable management of natural resources

Mitigating over exploitation of natural resources, in particular, of freshwater.


Initiatives that advocate for mitigation of pollution, in particular plastics. 


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