Degradation of wilderness

We aim to support initiatives that seek to advocate for prevention of destruction of the biodiversity habitat through improvement in policies and management. In particular, we endeavour to support initiatives aimed at:

  • Improving policies on invasive species management;
  • Slowing down broad-scale tree-clearing; or
  • Protecting wilderness areas.

Funded projects

These are some of the key initiatives that we have funded in this focus area.

Stopping Broadscale Tree-clearing

The Purves Environmental Fund has long been supporting campaigns to control excessive broad-scale tree-clearing. 1.25 million hectares of bushland has been cleared between 2012 and 2016 in Queensland alone establishing the area as a global hotspot for deforestation alongside Congo, Amazon and Borneo. Tragically, it has been estimated that 34 million vertebrates are killed per year because of the clearing. In addition, tree-clearing also contributes to carbon emission.