Climate Change and Solutions

We aim to support advocacy and or or initiatives that aim to promote action plan and transition to net zero carbon emission by 2050

Funded projects

These are some of the key climate change initiatives that we have funded. Some of these activities no longer align with our current focus on action plans for transition to net zero carbon emission, but were catalytic at the time in raising awareness on climate change.

"The Weather Makers" series

While this project does not align with our current funding focus area of supporting action plan and transition to net zero carbon emission, it was an impactful project to fund at the time when we were focused on funding awareness raising and education on climate change. We supported the writing and promotion of "The Weather Makers" and its series, and the book became a catalytic force in the Australian climate change debate at the time.

Climate Council establishment

The Purves Environmental Fund supported the establishment of Climate Council and contributed to its core funds during the first four years of its operations. We also funded two of its core projects in its respective launch year, the Climate Media Centre, and the Cities Power Partnership. 

Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC)

Given the intergenerational issue faced by the impacts of climate change, it is paramount to empower youth to take action on climate change. After initially funding the school program, the PEF contributed to its core operation costs while also supporting and encouraging the organisation to build a robust and sustainable fundraising base and governance.