We aim to support initiatives that seek to improve mitigation policies and management around pollution, in particular soft plastics.

Funded projects

These are key pollution related initiatives that we have funded in the past. Some of these activities no longer align with our current focus on pollution, but were catalytic at the time in raising awareness on human-induced climate change caused by increased greenhouse gas emission or in promoting transition to net zero emission.

Climate Council establishment

The Purves Environmental Fund supported the establishment of Climate Council and contributed to its core funds during the first four years of its operations. We also funded two of its core projects in its respective launch year, the Climate Media Centre, and the Cities Power Partnership. 

Ice Bear

The PEF was the primary financial supporter of the Sydney Ice Bear. The key objective of the event was to raise public and media awareness of the need for more immediate action on climate change. A life-sized ice sculpture was carved at Customs House Square in Sydney by a British sculptor, Mark Coreth. The Ice Bear remained on the spot for 7 days melting under the Sydney’s winter sky and passer byes hands and contact, gradually revealing its bronze skeleton, serving as a poignant metaphor for the human impact on our environment. It attracted more than 50,000 visitors who came to see and touch the ice sculpture, and received over 5.1 million media impressions reaching a wide audience in Australia and abroad.

Container Deposit Scheme Campaign

The Purves Environmental Fund was the cornerstone funder of Boomerang Alliance’s campaign to introduce a container deposit scheme to solve drink container litter issue. The campaign achieved a historic win in May 2016 when the NSW Premier announced introduction of a full container deposit scheme. Since then ACT, Queensland and Western Australia followed the suite and have launched its own state-based scheme. Victoria and Tasmania have finally announced its introduction in 2020.

Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC)

Given the intergenerational issue faced by the impacts of climate change, it is paramount to empower youth to take action on climate change. After initially funding the school program, the PEF contributed to its core operation costs while also supporting and encouraging the organisation to build a robust and sustainable fundraising base and governance.