Climate Change

The Fund supports initiatives seeking to improve policies around climate change and to enhance understanding and raise awareness of climate change. Below are some exmaples of climate change initiatives that have been supported by the Purves Environmental Fund over the years:

  • Earth Hour

Earth Hour

The Purves Environmental Fund has supported Earth Hour on numerous occasions. Earth Hour is a global event occurring on the last Saturday of every March, which started in 2007 in Sydney. It shows that everyone has the power to change the world they live in by switching off lights for an hour in support for climate change action. It also promotes people to take their commitment to the plant beyond the hour.


Sydney Ice Bear

The Purves Environmental Fund was the primary financial supporter of the Sydney Ice Bear in 2010/2011. The key objective of the Ice Bear was to raise public and media awareness of the need for more immediate action on climate change. A life-sized ice sculpture was carved by British sculptor Mark Coreth and his team at Customs House Square and remained there for seven days until it was completed melted. The public were encouraged to touch the bear during its melt, which inevitably sped up the melt process and served as a poignant metaphor for the human impact on the environment as the bronze skeleton was gradually revealed.