Apply for Funding

Funding is currently available to activities that meet the Fund's objectivescharitable purposes and focus areas.

PLEASE read carefully below before contacting the Fund. To ensure your application has the greatest chance of success, check the Fund's current focus areas, objectives and charitable purposes. We do not fund initiatives that fall out of the Fund's current scope.


Funding is available to Australian organisations for activities within Australia. However, exemptions may apply.


We do not have a set timeline or application closing date. If you believe your initiative alignes well with the Fund's objectives and current focus areas, please send through your preliminary proposal, as described below.

Requesting Pre-Application Meeting

Please note that we generally do not hold introductory meetings with interested proponents or applicants. All interested organisations and inidividuals are asked to send through a preliminary proposal for initial assessment first.

Funding Period

Please note that in general the PEF does NOT provide long-term funding. If approved, the maximum funding period will be up to 12 months (some exceptions may apply). If the funding term expires and you wish to extend or reapply for funding for the same initiative, you will be required to submit a new application.

The newly submitted application will be assessed based on the review of the previous funding performance and on the merits of the new application.


Focus Areas

Our current focus areas are:

  • Plastic pollution
  • Biodiversity species loss
  • Water resource management of the Murray Darling Basin
  • Broad-scale landclearing
  • Renewable energy and climate change advocacy


To obtain an idea of sorts of projects that the Fund has supported in the past, please refer to pages under What We Support or the Annual Reports.

How to Apply for Funding

There are two steps in the application process.


Step One: Preliminary proposal submission

Please write a one-page proposal to the Environmental Officer with a brief explanation on:

  • Yourself / organisation,
  • Summary of proposed activity,
  • Amount of grant being sought,
  • Activity's objectives, and
  • Activity's outcomes.


Please send the proposal by email. The Environmental Officer will assess your proposal and check its alignment with the Fund's objectives and key focus areas. The Environmental Officer may contact you to seek additional information to support the assessment process at this time.


When Will You Hear Back From Us?

Please note that this process may take a long time from several days to a few months depending on the volume of applcations received. We assess application on as comes basis and will only acknowledge the receipt of your proposal when contacting you with the outcome of the preliminary assessment.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.


Step Two: Formal application submission

If your initiative is deemed to meet the Fund's objectives and key focus areas, you will be invited to submit a formal application by the Environmental Officer.